Monday, March 4, 2019

Saturday, January 26, 2019

New Release Duke In Disguise

*** A Steamy Regency ***

He was a Duke in Disguise. Hiding the truth of his title and wealth to help a friend. Pretending to be nothing more than an itinerant laborer. The last thing he anticipated was saving a comely lass. But then life has a way of working out. Especially for a Duke of the realm.

The woman found him special. despite his supposed common status. For the first time in his life. Someone saw the true man. Not his title. What would she do if she learned the truth? A fate he was unwilling to risk.

Miss Ann Stafford. The oldest of three sisters, knew life was hard. A country miss with no prospects and little hope. But a strange man, too handsome for his own good. Kind, strong, and interested in her. This was a possibility she had feared would never be hers.

Yet, even though the man had saved her life. There was some hidden secret. Something that kept her at a distance. The question she had to answer was whether she could keep her heart from becoming lost even if she never knew the truth.

Can betrayal and deceit be forgiven? Can two people from different worlds overcome their differences to find true love?
Duke In Disguise

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

My latest Young Adult Romance - "My Best Friend's Brother is Now available.

When Luke Prescott rescued Amy Jensen from a night of terror. Neither of them knew where it would lead. He was her best friend’s brother. A bad boy with a ton of baggage. But he had become her Dark Knight. Her hero.

Amy knew that submitting to her true feelings would be a betrayal of her best friend. But denying the truth would lead to pain and misery.

Two young people must maneuver through the trials and tribulations of young love without hurting those around them. All while discovering the truth about each other and the truth about what it means to really be in love.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Challenging A Rake

Challenging a Rake is now available on Amazon.

*** A Steamy Regency Romance***

Miss Amanda Waters knew full well that a rake should not be trusted. But when a severely wounded Lord Warwick crashed through her front door, bleeding, and asking her to keep his secret. What choice did she have?

Heaven help her if anyone learned she was nursing a British Lord back to health in her upstairs bedroom. Her friends would disown her and most of the ton would think her a fool. But when she discovers Lord Warwick’s true mission, she has no choice but to help.

Lord Warwick never expected to need the help of someone like Miss Waters. But his mission was too important. England’s very survival rested in the balance
The fact that it might cost him his heart was immaterial. Somethings cannot be denied.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Catching A Rake

My latest Regency has just been released on Amazon. Catching A Rake -

Olivia Caldwell always believed the man to be insufferable. Unfortunately, he was her brother’s best friend, therefore unavoidable. And while Lord Bradford might be opinionated, domineering, and a notorious rake. He was also the only man in England who was able to rescue her from kidnappers. A fact that was going to lead to her worse nightmare. A marriage of convenience to the one man who she could not control.

Lord Bradford knew the woman was demanding, opinionated, and a thorn in his side since she was a little girl. Now, beautiful, charming, and with a tongue sharper than a Sheffield blade, she was a man’s worse nightmare. A woman who could capture his heart.

But, society's rules demanded he wed this hellion. His only hope, have her surrender to him. If he failed, he would surely surrender his heart to her, and that way lay madness.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

My short Novella "Loving My Best Friend" is now up on Amazon at $.99

“Being in love with your best friend is a unique, exquisite pain. That unrequited love that eats at your soul. In my case, it was even worse. He lived next door.”
        The most important thing in Tara Pearson’s life is Gant Metcalf. A fact that she cannot let him discover. Their friendship is too important.

The most important thing in Grant Metcalf’s life is baseball. But lately, Tara has been encroaching into his thoughts. No matte what, he will not let himself think of her that way, she’d kill him if she ever found out. No, better to concentrate on baseball.
        Sometimes though, secret wishes do come true.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Love's Pride

The entire “Love’s Pride” series. Four complete novels.

Four Men, home from war, thrust into positions of power. Four young women, alone, innocent, pulled into the world of upper British society.

-          The Reluctant Duke

Passion is pushing them together. Society is pulling them apart. She can't become his wife and won't become his mistress.

The last thing wounded veteran Major Thomas Marshal wanted was a title. It wasn’t supposed to happen. But duty has a way of pulling a man into things he doesn’t want and away from the things he needs.

The only thing Miss Guinevere Harding needs is a safe place to hide. A job as the downstairs maid at Brookshire is the perfect refuge from a frightening past. Or at least it was until the arrival of the new Duke.

-          The Viscount’s Bride

Miss Caroline Jennings has lost everything. Her home, her father, and any chance of happiness. What is more? If her father’s secret is exposed. She will be known as the daughter of a traitor.

Surely, life cannot get much worse.

When a carriage accident throws her into the river. - fitting punishment for her father’s crimes. - She is tempted to allow herself to succumb. It is only the thought of her two younger sisters and the strong arms of her rescuer that keep her among the living.

Viscount Beachmont, ex-soldier, and one of the richest men in Britain. A classic hero if she’d ever seen one. Big, strong, and commanding. Any woman’s heart would flutter like hers to be saved by him.

His heroics unfortunately have saved her for a life of loneliness and want.

However, when he offers her a marriage of convenience it seems the perfect solution to regain her life. The only danger she faces now is the possibility of losing her heart.

-          The Earl’s Regret

Only his love can save her-

One mistake has left Miss Emily Robbins in poverty, alone, and a social outcast. Only the love of the Earl of Lincolnshire can save her from a life of shame.

Hudson Sinclair, The Earl of Lincolnshire, has but one regret. Leaving the only girl he ever loved. He will move heaven and earth to save her. Even if that means twisting fate.

-          Marrying the Marquess

Some might consider him a bit of a beast. Others knew him to be particular and demanding. The Marquess of Penrith didn’t really care. After returning from war. All he wanted was peace and quiet. But, duty and honor demanded that he marry the young Miss Davis. An obligation that could not be denied.

Luckily, marriage did not equate to love.

Miss Catherine Davis dreaded the thought of marrying such a man. But what choice did she have. Penniless, without family. Her options were limited. The fact that he was extremely handsome, powerful, and rich, only made things worse.
Two people from different worlds, forced together, both searching for happiness. Perhaps they can only find it by coming together.