Saturday, March 8, 2014

"Thanks Gary for the Tip

The other day I came across an article on how in the Music business, the top 1pt make 77 pct of the money. Seeing how this could soon apply to the writing world I sent the link to the Blog "The Passive Voice" A famous blog about the writing industry. He put it in his blog and said -"Thanks Gary for the Tip." Granted, it would have been nice to get a full name mention, but still. I know. Here's the link.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Possible openings for a story


When an alien lands in your back yard you pay attention. That’s an outer space alien, not a cross the border immigrant type alien.

When the girl next door becomes a cheerleader and spends her afternoons practicing in her back yard, you pay attention. When said alien abducts said cheerleader, you should maybe do something about it.

At least that was what I figured when it happened to me.  Well, technically it happened to Haley next door. She was the one being thrown over its shoulder and carried back to its ship.


The cell door clanged like an out of tune church bell. Waves of failure and shame washed through my body. Well that’s it, the bottom. A man couldn’t fail at life any more than I had.

Two days later I found out how wrong I had been. They put my son into the cell next to mine.


Dear Mr. Johnson.

Please don’t delete this email. It is not a joke. I can confirm that with the words “Red Elephants”. Yes, that is correct, your mother’s secret word to let you know it was she that had sent the person to pick you up from day care. Remember the day she gave it to you, it was raining, hard. She told you in the old station wagon, on the way to day care. You remember. I know you do because I remember.

Steve, this Email is from the future, your future. Six years in the future to be exact.


She walked into my life like an angel floating on a cloud of indifference. A goddess sent to earth to tempt man into being something better.

 My best friend had become the Angel she was always meant to be. The only question, did she know it. Would she ever figure it out.