Thursday, July 11, 2013

My list of dream dinner guests

There is an old party question guaranteed to stimulate conversation and open debate. Imagine you could invite any three people to dinner that night. Anyone from throughout history, who would you invite? I would probably select people from a common field. I believe the conversation would be deeper. Here is a list from each prominent category. I would probably lean towards Churchill/Lincoln/Franklin. I can imagine sitting back and listening to each of them out do the other with stories and human observations.
Philosophers of the spirit
-          Jesus Christ
-          Buddha
-          Mohammad
Philosophers of the Governance
-          Locke
-          Burke
-          Jefferson
Philosophers of Economics
-          Adam Smith
-          Milton Friedman
-          Friedrich Hayek
Philosophers of Politics
-          Winston Churchill
-          Abraham Lincoln
-          Benjamin Franklin
Law Givers
-          Moses
-          Hammurabi
-          Madison
-          Alexander
-          Lee
-          Napoleon
-          Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain)
-          Will Rogers
-          Jonathan Winters
Female perspective
-          Abigail Adams
-          Elizabeth the first
-          Jane Austin

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Sea Calls

The Sea Calls

The Sea calls to me
Like a lover in the night
Forever the moth
Chasing the fiery light

New adventure
Forcing me to roam
Pulling and tugging
Taking me from home

The whipping wind
And rolling wave
Tossing and moving
Inches from a watery grave

Across the horizon
A new land does await
Seeking my salvation
Thru the pearly gate

The Sea calls to me
With her lonely arms
Taking us young men
From our barren farms

She is a witch tonight
Beckoning anew
She’ll take one in ten tonight
For her frothy stew

Yet still I yearn
Seeking that blue light
Ever onward
Scrambling thru the night

The Sea calls to me
Like a lover in the night
Forever the moth
Chasing the fiery light