Tuesday, January 31, 2017

My latest release is on Amazon

Marrying the Marquess

Some might consider him a bit of a beast. Others knew him to be particular and demanding. The Marquess of Penrith didn’t really care. After returning from war. All he wanted was peace and quiet. But, duty and honor demanded that he marry the young Miss Davis. An obligation that could not be denied.

Luckily, marriage did not equate to love.

Miss Catherine Davis dreaded the thought of marrying such a man. But what choice did she have. Penniless, without family. Her options were limited. The fact that he was extremely handsome, powerful, and rich, only made things worse.

Two people from different worlds, forced together, both searching for happiness. Perhaps they can only find it by coming together.

New Nate Johnson Release - Intrepid

I have just released Intrepid under my Nate Johnson pen name.


***A military space opera from an enlisted man's point of view***

Discovering new worlds. What could be better.

What was supposed to be a six month cruise of discovery had turned into a gloried baby sitting adventure for a bunch of civilians. Leave it to the Imperial Navy to ruin a good thing.

Petty Officer Tanner just wanted to finish the patrol and get back to normal. That, and as far away from the enticing Miss Nora Johnson as possible.

All that changed when the ISS Intrepid was threatened with destruction and he quickly became the only thing between these civilians and instant death.

Crash landing on the strange new world. Petty Officer must keep these civilians alive until they were rescued. Heaven knows. they weren't going to do it on their own.