Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Recent Lessons Learned.

-          When you get writer’s block, drop a mountain on the characters. In other words, create a problem so big nobody could get out of it. Or reveal a deep dark secret that changes people perspective. This pushes the story along, speeds up the pace and opens up the creative possibilities. This really worked in my latest novel.

-          When a character has OCD, they will have more than one symptom. Instead of showing the same symptom over and over again. Have them do different things repeatedly. A perfect example is in the movie as good as it gets, Jack Nicholson had to use a fresh bar of soap each time he cleaned his hands. He had to lock the door three times to make sure he knew it was locked. He couldn’t step on a crack. It reinforced how crazy he was.

-          Look for opportunities to re-enforce sub-plots and themes. In my last novel food and how much the protagonist eats is a recurring joke/comment. I had a scene in a school cafeteria but didn’t describe what was on his tray. I could have used this opportunity to flesh out the character and set up jokes for later. I should be looking for an opportunity to use this stuff instead of just throwing it out there.

-          It is almost impossible, No, correct that. It is impossible, for me to be creative when I have a stressful day at work. During the recent inspection and lead up to the inspection at work I have been putting in a lot of hours (21 straight days) and thinking about stuff while at home. I can’t switch it off and drop into writers mode. If I do the product is bad and I am not enjoying myself. This impacts my weekly writing goals. I need to take my day job schedule into account when I make my writing goals.

-          The writer’s group I attend has proven to be invaluable. The insights and opinions are great and usually spot on. The suggestions make for a better story and better writing. I hope one day I am a good enough writer that I won’t need as much correction. But until that time, I plan to continue to use my fellow writers to make myself better. I learn just as much by listening to their opinions about other writers.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Rose petals in the Grand Canyon

Talking about Self-Publishing A great line appeared in an article at the telegraph

"And once the book is out there, the work really starts. Someone remarked that publishing a book was like dropping a rose petal into the Grand Canyon and waiting for the echo"