Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Joe Konrath's post about publishing.

Joe Konrath has and excellent post about he Amazon and Hatchett battle. Konrath As always he gets to the heart of the matter. Mr. Konrath reminds me of a Terrier after a rat. You know it's not fair, but it is so interesting to watch.

I add the comment below to his post.

 G.L. Snodgrass said...
Question. How many Scriptoriums are left. That is what is going to happen to the publishers. Guttenberg's Press wasn't revolutionary because it created more readers. It was revolutionary because it created more authors. Authors that could bypass the powerful church and speak directly to the reader. The number of books increased and prices decreased. Amazon has changed the supply and demand curve. Whenever that happens, the old ways of doing business die.

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