Monday, July 21, 2014

Self Publishing

My first Self-Published work
I just submitted my short story "Prom Date" to smash words. It was an experiment to discover how hard it would be. It took me about 2 hours to create the cover and about 3 hours to format the book and 2 minutes to load everything. It got rejected the first time because I made a couple of mistakes. I fixed them and it sailed through the second time. It will be 3 to 5 days before it shows up in Nook, Kobe, Amazon, etc.

It should be a lot faster next time. It was sort of like doing your taxes, hard, but doable.

Lessons learned - Use the Smashwords guide.
- Nuke the book. Covert to Text then back to MS word. Eliminated all the extraneous code
- Create style sheets for each of the different part. Not MS Word Buttons.
- Cover size 1600 x 2400

 You can find it at

I wrote it for my daughters Caitlin and Andrea and dedicated it to Shelley

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